Welcome to 4researchers.net! We are a group of graduate and post-doctoral researchers who are volunteering to help researchers all around the world in their research endeavors. As we are researchers ourselves, we understand the inevitable challenges that scientists face when conducting research in the real world. We decided to create this site because we realized there was a great need among researchers in different fields to find the online resources required to conduct and publish their research studies.

Scientific researchers often require online access to the scientific/technical literature, as well as access to the tools and programs they need in order to conduct their field work and write their research reports. To the best of our knowledge, these needs are not currently met by any organization on the web. Although most universities and local libraries offer online access to research resources, these services are often unknown to the general public, or they are restricted to specific groups of users (e.g., the students of a specific university). Thus, we decided to step forward and create a place on the internet designed by researchers to help other researchers. We would like to make this site as successful as possible, in order to reach our mission of providing free help for every researcher in the world.

Our mission at 4researchers. net is to provide all researchers around the world with a free information bank and an easily accessible repertoire of tools and resources to facilitate their research work. This is the way in which we would like to contribute to scientific advancement and community education.

Our goal is to provide a rich and easily accessible information bank for both graduate students and senior researchers alike. At the moment we are providing information for the fields of Computer Science, Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing, but we are planning to cover other scientific specialities in the near future.

In our efforts to improve our services to the scientific community, we welcome suggestions and comments from visitors from all over the world. All the visitors to the website can use the feedback form to communicate with us, and express their impressions, questions, and opinions. In the future, we would like to add more services or tools that can help researchers in their endeavors to advance scientific investigation; therefore, the suggestions from our readers are greatly appreciated. With your help, we can achieve our goal of making this website a must visit for every researcher in the world!

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